Genetec is a certified partner that brings the IX Series into Security Center, a unified security platform. Stream and record video and one-way audio during calls or 24/7 with Security Center Omnicast, an IP-based VMS. Centralize SIP-based communication by registering IX audio or audio and video intercoms to Sipelia, unifying incoming calls within their communication management system.


Platform and Version: Security Center 5.10 / Sipelia 2.11 GA

Method: ONVIF S (Omnicast) / SIP (Sipelia)

Tested Stations: IX-DA, IX-BA (Sipelia only), IX-SS*(Sipelia only), IX-MV7*(Sipelia only), IX-DVM, IX-DV, IX-DVF-

Compatible Firmware: Version 6 or newer

Available Features: One-way Audio and Video Streaming, Recording (manual and scheduled), PTZ Control


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IX Series Network Requirements Summary

Streaming an IX Video Door Station to Genetec™ Security Center 5.4

General SIP Integration using the IX Series

General ONVIF and RTSP Registration