Enjoy a Free-Range Lifestyle

Now your front door is in your pocket and you can answer it from anywhere, at any time!

Enjoy a Free-Range Lifestyle with Aiphone’s IXG Series Mobile-App

Schedule. Schmedule.

You have a full schedule that changes by the moment. Appointments, deliveries, kids–you name it–all of it can make life feel hectic. No matter the situation, you can grab your keys and go!



Enjoy the freedom of a free-range lifestyle with the convenience of our IXG Series cloud-based mobile app. While you’re running errands, finishing a workout, or enjoying your social engagements, your front door is in your pocket and it can be answered from anywhere, at any time.

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Schedule Schmedule

Meet the New
Security System for
On-the-Go Lifestyles

IXG Series IP multi-Tenant Video Intercom

Chill–We Got This.

Free your mind from the concerns of security with our IXG Series. We’re always on duty.


We Got This. The New IXG Series

Zero Stress.

The mobile app can be installed on a mobile device and features an in-app slider to prevent accidental unlocking.



Your Space.
   Your Place.

The beige dinosaur-of-an-intercom is a thing of the past. The sleek design of the IXG Series tenant station complements any interior.

Commitment Fears?

Who doesn’t want to take a test drive to see if a new purchase is the right fit?

We think it should always be an option to try before you buy when purchasing a security system.


So, if you’re feeling good about the unbridled potential of the IXG Series for your security needs, reach out to your local Aiphone expert to schedule your FREE demo below!   ▼

Try Before You Buy

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