JO Series Mobile App Capable Entry Level Video Intercom


It's the best of both worlds.

  Get the reliability and confidence of a hardwired master with the convenience of wireless control. Homeowners and small businesses can now see, talk, and unlock — from anywhere! Aiphone's unique on-site monitor ensures calls from the door can be answered regardless of internet connectivity or speed. While the mobile app gives active, on-the-go users the ability to see and talk with visitors and unlock their door from virtually anywhere. If you do not require a mobile app, a standard on-site monitor, without mobile connectivity is also available.   The JO Series is available at a one-time cost without long-term contracts or fees.  

Freakishly Reliable

Aiphone is proud to be a rare, two-time winner of the prestigious Deming Prize for quality management and manufacturing processes. Our ISO Certified process and rigorous standards result in some of the most reliable products in the industry. Aiphone products routinely last for years, only being replaced when the application outgrows the system capacity.
System Highlights
System Capacity
Mobile devices
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Large Monitor
Mobile App
  • Answer calls and unlock your door from your smartphone or other mobile devices
  • Convenient roaming app empowers staff and guards from anywhere on or off-site.
  • The on-site monitor is a guaranteed method to communicate with visitors, even if the internet is down or slow
  • Easily identify visitors on the large 7″ screen
  • Store calls with no added fees using onboard memory
  • Adding a MicroSD card to the on-site monitor increase call storage
  • Watch recorded calls from the on-site master or on the mobile app
  • See and hear who is at the door while remaining safe
  • Open the door for visitors from the on-site monitor or from the mobile app
  • Easy installation using just 2 wires, like existing doorbell wire.
  • Activate the door station video and audio feed to see and hear activity at the entry
  • Fits most modern home decor
  • Unlock your door from within the mobile app
  • A sliding button within the mobile app prevents accidental unlocking of your door
  • Available in convenient box sets!


Power Source

18V DC - use PS-1820UL


Chime with image, approx. 45 seconds


Open-voice (VOX) or push-to-talk (PTT)

Video Monitor

7" TFT color LCD touchscreen

Door Release

Contact rating: 24V AC/DC, 500mA

Wireless Protocol

2.4 GHz IEEE802.11 b/g/n

Wire Type

Door to master: 2-cond., mid cap, solid, non-shielded - use Aiphone #871802

Wiring Distance

Door Station to Master Station: 165' (22AWG) 330' (18AWG)
Expansion Station to Master Station: 165' (22AWG) 330' (18AWG)

Mobile App

Model: Intercom App Type B
Max per system: 8 devices
Available at: Apple App Store or Google Play

Standard Box sets
with two monitors

Model:JOS-1A2 - Standard door station
Model:JOS-1V2 - Vandal resistant surface mount door station


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