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Includes physical stations, gateways, and lift control adaptors

IXG Series IP Multi-Tenant Video Intercom


A sophisticated, yet simple way to connect a variety of mixed-use buildings, the IXG Series is a complete network-based communication solution with unlimited possibilities for any multi-tenant security application.

Expanded Solutions for Your Customers

All powered by a single, full-featured system property owners can rely on, and can rely on for years to come. In many cases, owners have unique buildings with mixed-use environments and want a streamlined, sophisticated way to provide an all-encompassing security solution throughout their entire complex.

The IXG Series IP Multi-Tenant Video Intercom is the one system on the market that will give you more opportunities to solve customer challenges, both new and existing.

Along with the reliability and quality you've come to expect from Aiphone, you now have access to a system that combines the feature-rich benefits of an IP Intercom with the versatility of a multi-tenant solution.

Even better, you can offer a new cloud-based app for those who need on-the-go security. Different than your previous apps, the IXG Series Mobile App can be used with or without an interior station. This flexibility is perfect for smaller applications where end-users may only want the app to screen their visitors.

Consult with an Aiphone Expert to help design a system to meet any one of your customers' security needs.

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  • Cloud-based app (fees may apply)
  • All stations are PoE
  • Touchscreen entrance panel
  • Updates can be programmed remotely
  • Built-in HID® reader
  • Compatible with IX Series stations
  • Ask how to combine emergency stations with the IXG Series!
  • Tenant, guard, and entrance stations are integrated with Telecoil (T-Coil) to assist individuals with hearing loss or impairments while wearing compatible devices.
  • Two-way video available from door entry


Power Source


Network Interface

10 BASE-T / 100 BASE-TX Ethernet (RJ-45)

Network Protocols


Wire Type

Cat-5e or Cat-6

Hearing aid integration


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