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Aiphone has been the leading international developer and manufacturer of intercom and security communication products since being founded in 1948. Offering the best selection of security and communication systems gives our customers the protection they want and need no matter where they are. Servicing a diverse range of industries, Aiphone finds success by keeping clients unique needs and challenges front of mind when designing and manufacturing our products. At Aiphone, we pride ourselves on our position of leadership and commitment to focusing on quality every single step of the way. Our continued commitment to producing quality products ensures we are always seeking ways to improve not only our diverse products, but our design and manufacturing processes. Our commitment to total quality control every step of the way has resulted in a reputation for groundbreaking technological advancements, a wide variety of products, and most importantly – total customer satisfaction every time.


At Aiphone we understand the demand, and need, for high-quality security products. All of our systems have a contemporary design while also holding the highest quality hardware and circuitry. Leading the way in international development and manufacturing of intercom security systems, Aiphone has a long standing history of innovation and success. Creating many of the “first” of-their-kind of intercom systems, Aiphone is a proud two time recipient of the coveted Deming Prize. The Deming Prize is awarded by the Union of Japanese Scientists and Engineers to a small number of companies that were able to “wow” them with their commitment to total quality management. Aiphone was first awarded the Deming Prize in 1981 for their quality management and manufacturing process. Aiphone is also proud to be the first North American recipient of the International Standards Organization (ISO) 9001:2015 certification. The ISO certification is an internationally recognized mark of quality for product design and development, production, inspection, and testing. Here at Aiphone, we are proud to have received this award every year since the year 2000.

GT Series Initialize Tenant Building Access Codes on Digital Entrance Panels

Apartment Video System


Every Aiphone security product is the result of attention to detail, contemporary, modern style design and the finest quality hardware and circuitry. Every product is also designed, manufactured and 100% pre-tested for sustained trouble free service. Our wide range of products include simple do-it-yourself door answering units, to complex microprocessor-based commercial systems. Our designs are unmatched in design simplicity, technical abilities, and most importantly – reliability. With over 30 standard system products, and the ability to manufacture special orders based on specials needs, we have the ability to create a system for virtually any intercom need. As technology continues to advance, and security measures become stricter than ever, video intercom systems are now one of the leading security solutions for schools, public facilities, and other multi-tenant apartments and buildings. Our video enabled products allow for an easy-to-navigate security system for multiple people that can be accessed and implemented through one unified system. Our GT Series is undoubtedly one of the most versatile security video intercom systems for multi-tenant applications. Our full line of GT system series is ideal for large scale residential developments with multiple buildings and/or tenants that want modern style mixed with advanced security technology.

Top view of GTS-4C7 and GTS-8c7


Our GT Series provides building owners and property managers or management firms one of the most versatile, feature‐rich security intercom solutions for multi‐tenant applications. Our hassle free, and quick tenant directory programming saves valuable time and reduces hassle. Priding ourselves on offering ultimate flexibility with our security solutions, we have the ability to mix and match a variety of different stations to meet and exceed your unique building, tenant and budget needs. Our clients are attracted to safe, inviting environments within their home, work, and elsewhere. We pride ourselves on being the leading provider of this convenient security, allowing users to easily identify visitors before granting them access to the building. Where security personnel is present, our video guard stations can be used to intercept visitor calls as needed adding an additional layer of safety, and security. This is ideal for not only multi-tenant building residents, but for buildings with secondary entrances that need to be accessed sparingly, but securely. Our video intercom technology allows visitor screening from anywhere in the building, or even off-site, reducing the need to have out-of-site areas monitored by a physical person at all times. Have people that you trust and don’t necessarily need to screen every time they come by? We have multiple options to allow keyless entry for those with authorized access.


One of the most attractive qualities of our GT Series is the ability to communicate seamlessly between multiple buildings. Our products allow building staff to speak with tenants or personnel when they are off-site. One person can now easily screen visitors and answer tenant calls throughout an entire complex, campus, etc. from one location. This lowers overall costs and reduces the need for multiple security personnel or security systems across buildings. Our hassle-free and quick tenant directory programming make it possible to easily update the tenant directory from a single location and security station. Have a high rise tower that you want to secure? With an enterprise level system size, the new GT Series is the perfect solution to securing large properties. With an expanded system capacity, our network can cover up to 5,000 stations, 480 entrance stations, and 96 video guard stations. All of our GT Series products are easily viewable on our website under the products tab.


Video Intercom System For Security


A hooded, weather resistant multi-tenant video entry station made from zinc die cast is mounted to the surface of a brick wall next to an accordion security gate to allow legitimate visitors a method to request entry into the building.

Our guard and tenant video stations add a layer of security to benefit both building personnel and building occupants. Tenants, concierge staff and security staff can all easily, and quickly, reach each other in case of emergency. Tenants and staff alike can safely screen all visitors as needed, control secondary entrances, and communicate via advanced audio technology. Additionally, our products allow tenants and staff to unlock doors virtually and conveniently. Our unmatched variety and system designs make it easy to maintain the aesthetics of your building with intentionally designed and crafted stations. Our video entrance stations and other products are extremely easy to customize, and can be installed semi-flush or on a surface mount outside of your entry ways. Clients have the choice to install keyless entry technology in addition to postal lock modules where needed. Alternatively, you can choose one of our stainless steel 3-in-1 video entrance stations. The 3-in-1 video entrance station has a 3.5” LED screen making viewing applicants easy while allowing the option to use the camera, audio, or keypad access accommodating virtually any security need.


The IX Series, another comprehensive security system is also perfect for industrial, healthcare, and education industry buildings. When Aiphones was tasked with the challenge of securing a school district that encompasses 16,000 students, 2,500 employees and over 2,000 regular visitors per year, we knew we had a solution. Aiphones products, in combination with a visitor management system, are able to control and protect all single visitor entries. Littleton Public Schools knew they needed to secure their schools better than ever before. Guy Grace, Director of Security and Emergency Preparedness for Littleton, Colorado Public Schools, said: “The mission of anything we do in security must enhance the ability for teachers to teach and students to learn.” Aiphones advanced security system products were able to help them achieve that.


School Intercom Systems


With the need to protect entries at 13 elementary schools, 5 middle schools, 4 high schools, and 2 charter schools, Aiphones security solution was able to unify all systems to increase all entry security while being able to control or monitor intercoms in the districts unified command center. In addition to multiple stationary units, the Littleton Public Schools District use tablets equipped with a mobile app that allows district staff to leave their office or station to interact with students or staff while still maintaining control of the entry intercoms. School staff can now easily conduct a two-way conversation with potential visitors before remotely unlocking the door. Guy Grace said, “Video intercoms are very valuable, probably one of the most important items that we unify with the rest of our security systems.” In addition to our video security system, the school district employs the use of security cameras to ensure people are not “piggybacking” or “tailgating” and following authorized visitors before they themselves have been authorized. The district also keeps security guards on-site as needed to ensure complete satisfaction in terms of building security.


Self contained stainless steel multi-tent entry unit is flush mounted on the mullion of a glass apartment door while a female resident enters an access code to be allowed building entry.

Our advanced video intercom system is now a vital part of the district’s successful entry-control plan. Between two and four video intercoms are installed at each district school, and the units have helped staff keep non-custodial parents, and other unauthorized visitors from gaining entry. With the current social and political climate in the U.S., it is easy to see why the district is going to such lengths to ensure total school security. When discussing how our security technology has benefited the school district, Guy Grace said, “Let’s say we have a disgruntled, non-custodial parent show up at an elementary school – and this has happened more than once. We don’t want that person in the building; he or she may be a potential threat. The Aiphone intercoms provide us with the information we need to get a sense of the person’s state of mind. That’s why I think this is one of our most valuable pieces of security equipment.” In addition, the ability for staff to communicate with people at any of the school entries has helped break up fights and deter vandals. Students feeling threatened while on school grounds have been taught to use the intercoms to reach staff or a security officer as needed. The units are always monitored, including nights, weekends, and holidays. The intercoms also let security officers remotely provide access to community groups using school buildings after hours such as scouts, or other community groups.  It also helps district officials ensure that the facility user is following the after-hours facility use agreements.


Our entire line of security solutions and products has proven to be popular amongst a multitude of different industries. Aside from apartment and office buildings, high-rise buildings, or massive school districts, Aiphone offers security products for apartment and condominium management and tenant needs, as well as senior or disability accommodating homes. Senior home residents and other tenants who require specialized care can easily, and quickly, alert staff when emergencies or other time sensitive incidents occur. For similar reasons, this also makes the GT Series a good fit for student housing, college dormitories, and campus buildings. Better yet? Aiphone’s entire line of security systems have consistently lasted for multiple years, only being replaced when the application outgrows the system capacity making them the best option for those that are seeking safety that will last, and won’t break the bank. Our systems provide the highest level of security on the entire security solutions and systems market at the most cost-efficient price.


Aiphone History & Services


Originally founded in Nagoya, Japan in 1948, Aiphone has grown to become the world’s largest and most reliable intercom system manufacturer. Now exporting to over 60 countries around the world, Aiphone is on track to continue to dominate the security system solutions landscape. We are confident that our commitment to the most innovative, and quality controlled products have solidified our spot as the most respected and dependable brand of security systems worldwide. Our wide variety of reliable, advanced, and high quality products offer comprehensive security solutions to virtually any security need – large or small. Award winning customer service and customer satisfaction, innovative design, and technical advancements has allowed us to create and produce dependable security communication solutions for virtually any security need successfully since 1948. Serving commercial, medical, educational, residential, corporate, correctional and government industries amongst others, you can guarantee you will find the products and experience needed to complete your job right – the first time. To learn more about Aiphone, our mission, or our award-winning products, visit our website at

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