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LE Series Hands-free Selective Call Intercom

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How Many Stations Can the LEF Series Support?

    A total of 11 stations can be part of a single system which must include at least a single master station. A LEF-3* can support up to 3 other stations, LEF-5* up to 5, and LEF-10* up to 10.


    To view a list of all LEF series stations, click here.

  • Is the LEF Series Compatible With Other Aiphone Intercoms?

    LEF Series stations are not compatible with other intercom stations from Aiphone. All compatible master and door/sub stations must contain the prefix of “LE”, ex. LE-D, LE-SS-1G and LEF-3L.

  • What Type of Wire Is Used With the LEF Series?

    The recommended wire for the LEF Series is Aiphone’s stranded multiconductor with an overall shield. This wire is offered with several conductors ranging from 2 to 20, and knowing which specific wire is required will vary with every system configuration.


    Click here to view the LEF Series Installation manual.

  • What Are the Wiring Distances With the LEF Series?

    From the door/sub station to the furthest master station, the maximum wiring distance is 1,600′ with 18awg wire, per door/sub station.

  • Why Is There No Call Tone During an Incoming Call?

    The call tone is generated when the call button on a door/sub station is pressed, causing the “E” and “-” (negative) terminals to momentarily short together.


    Systems with a single master station: Ensure that you have a jumper in place between “E” and “-” on both the master station and the door station.

    Systems with multiple master stations: With multiple master stations, the jumper between “E” and “-” is removed on both the sub/ door stations and master stations. With the removal of this jumper, a 3rd conductor is needed, connecting the “1”, “E”, and the “-“ terminals from the door/sub station to the master station.

    Manually shorting the “E” and “-” terminals will also generate a tone. This can be done to verify the hardware is not damaged. Note that the screws are not conductive, only the metal plate surrounding the screw.

  • Why Is There No Communication Between My Door Station and Master Station?

    If the call tone is heard, but communication cannot be established, it is possible the “E” wire between these stations is not connected or properly secured.


    If there is also a missing call tone, check both the numbered (ex. 1,2,3) terminal and “E” terminals to ensure connections are made. The numbered terminal and “E” carry the communication once the talk button is pressed.

  • Why Is Door Release Not Working?

    The LEF requires an RY-PA relay for each door being released. The RY-PA should be connected to the “K#” terminal corresponding to the numbered terminal of the door station and the common “L” terminal.


    When the Key button is pressed while in communication, 9.5V DC should be metered on these terminals (note that the screws are not conductive). From the RY-PA, a continuity closure should be seen on the yellow wires at this time.

  • What Power Supply Do I Need for My Door Strike or Magnetic Lock?

    For that information, you need to call the manufacturer of the door strike or magnetic lock. Aiphone cannot answer that question and cannot provide you with an acceptable alternative.

  • Why Is the “Occupied” LED Always Lit?

    The purpose of this light is to show another station is currently using the system. If no other station is in communication, there may be a short on the “R” terminal.

  • Why Does My New LEF System Have a Buzz or Hum?
    Masters are too close to AC voltage or dimmer switches. Shielded wire is recommended. If shielded wire was run, tie all the shields together and ground one end to an earth ground.
  • Can I Connect Several LEF Masters Together to Just Answer and Release Door Stations With No Master to Master Communication?
    Yes, this can be done, all of the wire connections between master stations would be in parallel and you would not use the “C” terminal on any unit. 



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