A Community College adds security and communication

Intercoms and access control systems enhanced security at this community college.

Threats targeting schools are a reoccurring problem across the US. Administrators of a community college in the Southwest wanted to have preventative measures in place to deter these incessant threats. 


Entrances to the college were kept locked, but this made the building less accessible to faculty and students.  

Administrators wanted a convenient way for faculty and students to easily enter their college without having to wait or interrupt the receptionist. They also wanted a security system that allowed the receptionist to speak with and see visitors before letting them inside.


College administrators selected a combination of an IP security intercom with emergency towers and a premium access control system with key fob credentials. 


Door stations with proximity readers were installed at each entrance, allowing faculty and students to quickly access the college with their assigned key fobs. Prior to being let inside the school, visitors could request access using the IP video door station and safely be screened by the receptionist using the inside intercom station.  


Intercom and access control configuration for a community college. This is a sample configuration of a system leveraging intercom, access control and emergency call towers.


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