Adding Security and Communication to a Synagogue

After an increased surge of anti-Semitic attacks targeting Jewish communities across the US, a network of four synagogues had become concerned about the faith-focused assaults and vandalism occurring. They began locking all the entrances to their synagogues during normal hours, but worshippers could no longer walk in since they had to wait for someone to unlock the door. Knocking for access would interrupt sermons or events taking place. 


They wanted a convenient way for staff to easily access their synagogues, as well as a way for the public to call for access—and be identified before unlocking the door—without disturbing sermons or activities. It was especially important to maintain their architectural aesthetic too.  


The congregation mission that led all four synagogues chose an IP security intercom with emergency towers and a premium access control system with credentials. With the flexibility to have unlimited credentials, each rabbi and congregant could easily access their respective synagogue with authorized codes. 


A full-time receptionist was hired to screen calls for all four locations, which eliminated sermon disruptions. When the public wanted to worship, they could request access using the door station, which looked polished at each synagogue’s entrance. 


In the parking lots, emergency stations and towers provided a way to call for help, but also discouraged vandalism with highly visible surveillance cameras. 



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