Open voice master station
  • All Call between stations in same residence / office
  • Option button for external device control (N/O dry contact, AC/DC 24V 1.6A Max)
  • Call tone volume control with LED mute indicator
  • Receive volume control
  • Optional Call Extension Speaker (IER-2)
  • Optional external signaling to 3rd party bell or light using RY-ES (used in lieu of IER-2)
  • Door release button (powered by door station)



Hands-free (VOX) or push-to-talk (simplex)

Wire Type

Entrance Station to Tenant Master Station: 2-cond., low cap, PE insulation, solid, non-shielded - use Aiphone #871802
Tenant Master Station to Tenant Sub Station: 4-cond., low cap, PE insulation, solid, non-shielded - use Aiphone #871804
Between Tenant Sub Stations: 4-cond. + 2-cond. when sharing power - use Aiphone #822206 or #871804


Power Supply to Tenant Master Station: 180'(22AWG) 510'(18AWG)
Tenant Master Station to farthest Tenant Sub Station: 330'
Power Supply to Entrance Station (cumulative): 360'(22AWG) 1,020'(18AWG)


DB Series
Hands-free Door Entry System

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