Three Ways Video Intercoms are a Sustainable Security Solution

When you think of sustainability, we doubt security technology or intercoms immediately come to mind. Sustainable products, such as compostable bags, green buildings or recyclable materials, are more likely to be associated with efforts to help conserve and protect our natural resources. As the security industry has also made it a focus to develop long-lasting, efficient products and services, certain security technology and products can now be considered sustainable. Aiphone, specifically, has been manufacturing intercoms with longevity and efficiency in mind for more than 50 years. Here are three ways video intercoms are growing in sustainability: 


Aiphone offers reliable, long-lasting systems 

Major advancements in technology through the past few years have many people wanting the newest gadgets and technologies for either personal use or for their businesses. Today’s most up-to-date technology might be outdated in just a few years. Over the years, Aiphone has become known for producing products that are designed, manufactured and tested with the purpose of reliability. The attention to detail and focus on quality has earned our solutions the title of trustworthy. Sustainability in security starts with well-made products, but over time, an end user’s ability to trust their solutions provider will result in a long-term relationship as well.  


They are a cost-effective retrofit option 

For many older multi-tenant buildings and office spaces, the cost to rip out an old solution and install a brand-new security solution can be costly and stressful. In the past, each tenant unit would have to have its own intercom systems hardwired and installed in order for the tenant to interact with a visitor or delivery person at the front entrance. The advancement of IP-based intercom systems into the marketplace now means that multi-tenant buildings have the option to install master stations at the main entry points and then leverage a mobile phone application for tenant use. This turns what could become a costly upgrade into a budget – and environmentallyconscious option. In addition, it also leverages the latest capabilities technology has to offer, while giving the end user the ability to install less hardware onsite. 


Video intercoms provide versatility and functionality 

Single functionality of a system is part of yesterday’s mindset, as many customers are now looking to invest in solutions that integrate with multiple technologies and can provide greater benefits. Old school intercom systems were limited in their capabilities in the past, supporting only audio-controls and often relying upon an analog phone line for communication connectivity. Now, newer IP systems support a combined approach, enabling video and voice to seamlessly coexist and to integrate with additional access control solutions, such as a card reader that is part of a larger entry control system. In educational settings, or office environments, IP video intercoms can be utilized without the need for an access card altogether, removing the need for plastic access cards, which can be easily lost, broken or stolen.  

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