Solution Showcase: Adding Security and Communication to a House of Worship


A large house of worship had three main doors which were locked on the days without a public event. Access into the building was granted by the maintenance engineer, receptionist, childcare provider, or the minister. However, the clergy wanted to improve accessibility – specifically for their members who were hard of hearing.

In addition to public worship, childcare for their members was offered, along with daily programs, and coordinated volunteer opportunities to assist the greater community with meal delivery and other services.




An induction loop listening assistance system was already being used in the main worship area. This system allowed the service to be heard through compatible hearing aids. Extending this audio feature to the entry security system was the clear solution.

Each entrance had a t-coil compatible intercom installed. These stations sent a signal directly to the hearing aid of the member requesting access, providing clear and easy‑to‑understand communication.



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