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Check Out
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Aim for a high score!
Avoid germs and stay safer with Aiphone.

COVID-19 has impacted everyone across our globe. We’re all adopting a new “norm” in which we now try to mitigate the risk of germs around our daily routines. Watch our videos below on the different “levels” that relate to you. Learn how you can increase your security health score with Aiphone contactless communication solutions.

The SCHOOL Level

Johnny is a student at public school... 


With a short attention span, Johnny sometimes forgets the best practices to reduce his exposure to germs. 


With little guidance from staff, Johnny’s score improves as he heads to class.


Watch this video to see how Johnny gains and loses points based on his interactions. 


Learn more about Johnny here. 


Check out the COFFEE SHOP Level


Dave is Johnny’s dad and a barista at the coffee shop 


Each day Dave gets to interact with his regulars, like Larry, as well as serve new customers.  


Using a security window intercom on the glass partition between Dave and his customers adds more points to everyone’s security health score.  


Watch this video to learn other methods Dave and his customers use to earn more points.   


Learn more about Dave here.


Check out the CLINIC Level

Play it Safe - Level 2 Coffee Shop

The CLINIC Level

After Larry gets coffee, he heads to an appointment 


By using a touchless sensor to call for access, Larry immediately raises his score. 


His nurse, Mary, helps increase his score even more when she verifies Larry is wearing proper PPE with a video intercom system 


Watch this video to see how Larry and his nurse continue to boost their total.  


Learn more about Larry here. 


Check out the HOME Level

The HOME Level

Mary is Johnny’s mom and is finishing her nurse shift at the clinic… 


After a full day of patient appointments, Mary wants to keep dinner simple by ordering pizza. 


When pizza arrives, Mary and her family can greet and unlock the entrance from a safe distance using a tenant station or mobile app.  


Watch this video to see how Mary and her family continue to get better numbers.  


Learn more about Mary here. 

The BOSS Level

Are you ready to face the ultimate challenge? In this game the BOSS (your local Aiphone Rep) comes to you! Either virtually or in-person–using proper PPE and social distancing–the Aiphone BOSS will let you play with any of the security devices used during “Play It Safe” and most others found on this site. Defeat the BOSS by presenting them the ultimate security communication system to keep people safe!

Each player to reach BOSS Level will receive an Aiphone “No-Touch” tool to help them stay safe in the real world.

Fill out the form below to get your tool and have the BOSS level come to you!

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