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Doorbell Style Audio Only Intercom

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How Many Stations Can the ChimeCom Series Support?
    The Chime Com system allows for one door station and either one or two master stations. If only one door station and one inside station are needed, use the C-123L/A set. When one door and two inside stations are needed, use the C-123LW set. This set includes 1 C-D door station, two C-ML/A master stations, and 1 DAK-2S dual master adaptor kit. Each master station is powered by the SKK-620C, or 4 “C” batteries.




  • Can I Add Another Inside Station to My Existing C-123L/A System?

    Yes, you can purchase the C-ML/A master station, which comes equipped with the needed DAK-2S dual master adaptor kit. You will also need a second SKK-620C power supply unless you are powering the C-ML/A with 4 “C” batteries.


    See installation instructions and wiring for a dual master ChimeCom system here.

  • Can I Use a Different Door Station Than What Comes in the Kit?

    Yes. Any LE or LS Series door station is compatible with the C-ML/A master station. Keep the jumper that comes attached between the E and – terminals attached when wiring to the C-ML/A. To order, simply purchase the C-ML/A master station, then the LE or LS door station of your choice.


    To view the ChimeCom Series webpage click here.

  • Can I Add Door Release to the ChimeCom System?

    Yes. The small black button in the lower center portion of the C-ML/A master station is the door release button. This is a normally open contact. Wire your door strike to the two “L” terminals inside the master station, with a separate power source for the door strike.

  • What Is Causing a Buzzing Sound on My ChimeCom System?

    When installing the C-ML/A with the SKK-620C, it is important that the small black ground wire coming out of the power supply be connected to an earth ground. If it is not grounded, there will be a buzz at the master station. (Please note that the following wiring diagram is shown in the SKK-620C instructions, but not the C-123L/A instructions, where the generic “SKK-620” is shown with no ground wire.) When using this new model, the ground wire must be connected to an electrical or earth ground.


    All wire runs should be at least 20 inches from any AC source and always cross at a 90-degree angle.

  • What Power Supply Is Required for the ChimeCom System?
    For the ChimeCom (C-ML/A) use either four “C” cell batteries or a 6V DC power supply (SKK-620C).
  • What Power Supply Do I Need for My Door Strike or Magnetic Lock?

    For that information, you need to call the manufacturer of the door strike or magnetic lock. Aiphone cannot answer that question and cannot provide you with an acceptable alternative.

  • What Are the Wiring Distances for the ChimeCom Series?
    From the door station to the furthest master station, the wiring distance for the ChimeCom is 245′ with Aiphone’s recommended 822202 22AWG shielded wire, and 490’ with 821802 18AWG shielded wire.
  • How Do I Lower the Volume on the ChimeCom Series Doorbell Chime?
    The volume is fixed. If the C-ML/A master station is in a location that requires a lowered chime volume, you would need to consider upgrading to a system that does have volume controls, such as the LEM-1DL. You can see information on that series here.
  • Is a Desk Stand Available for the C-ML/A Master Station?
    No. Due to the inability to adjust volume, the unit is not well suited to desktop applications. Instead, consider the LEM or LEF series.
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