Two C-ML/A Master Stations With One Door Station

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Adding another C-ML/A to an existing or new system.


Difficulty Level

2 – Easy/moderate – Component connection to external points.


Components Required

  1. DAK-2S: Dual master adapter kit
  2. Power: Each master requires its own power supply or 4 “C” sized batteries.


  1. Install components as shown on the diagram.
  2. Only one master can be used at a time. A squelch tone will be heard if both master stations are on and the TALK button is pressed at either one.
  3. Sub station will call both masters simultaneously and either master can answer the calling station.



Install the bare wire end of each component module in the DAK-2S to the “1” terminal of each C-ML/A master station.
Answer the call at ONE MASTER only. If the TALK button is pressed at both masters, activating the timing circuit on both, a loud squelch will be heard. Wait 15 seconds until the timing circuit resets before pressing TALK button again.
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