Aiphone’s QuikSpec tool quickly designs security communication systems 24/7/365. From basic audio systems to full-featured, IP-based video intercom systems, QuikSpec makes design easy and painless.


Top five things to love about QuikSpec

  1. Makes specifying intercoms EASY
  2. Covers a wide range of systems
  3. Always available
  4. Includes all components for your system
  5. Easily exported to making submitting a breeze


QuikSpec is easy to use, just sign up for a free account below, and log in to answer a few simple questions about your system. When you click “QuikSpec it” you will be presented with an equipment list complete with everything needed to meet your spec. We even include links to specifications and instructions to make submitting and installing the job go as smooth as possible.


Each system specified can be named and saved to your profile for future reference. This allows you to easily update the equipment list should your customer requirements change. When everything is finalized, export your QuikSpec list for submittal as an Excel, Word, or PDF file.


QuikSpec is a proprietary tool that is rigorously tested by our award-winning technical support staff to ensure the equipment list meets your spec and contains every component needed. We are constantly testing and improving QuikSpec to ensure your spec is fast, easy, and accurate. There’s no other comparable tool!