Four Reasons Why Tenants Love Mobile App Integration

When thinking of intercoms in multi-tenant housing facilities, you might be reminded of the quintessential early intercom technology. A visitor arrives at an entrance or gate and , pushes a button to provide an audio alert to the tenant inside the building.  The tenant on the other side can then “buzz them the visitor in” after a brief audio exchange. 


Intercom technology has evolved to enhance convenience and safety by incorporating many modern elements of daily life into their software, such as integration with mobile phones or tablets. For tenants, this enables control over visitor and delivery management from anywhere, at any time.  


The modern intercom solution for multi-tenant facilities has evolved to include mobile applications, video verification, and accessibility from any location, whether the tenant is at home or not. Here are four reasons why tenants love intercom mobile app integrations. 



1: Answer the door – from virtually anywhere  

Unlike an interior intercom station that is mounted on the wall in the a condo or apartment, and can only be used when a tenant is home, a mobile intercom app can be used from any location. When a visitor arrives at the front door or gate, theyA visitor arriving at the front door or gate can select a name from the tenant directory. The intercom system then either call the tenant’s phone number t, or notifies ies them via the mobile app, and connects the two parties. The tenant then has an option to either admit the visitor through the entryway, or decline. An intercom mobile app has many benefits. Let’s say you are delayed running errands and a friend gets to your apartment first, you can permit him to enter the property remotely so he does not have to wait outside. Or if someone in your household forgets the key, he can simply connect with another person in the unit via phone to gain entry. While people may not always be home, they often have their mobile phone close by and mobile app integrations provide convenience and flexibility for tenants on-the-go.  



2: An added layer of safety and security 

Tenants wants to feel safe in their own home. Those who have access to mobile intercom apps can hear the voice, or see the live video feed of the visitor at their doorway. This provides an added layer of protection allowing the identity of the person on the other end of the line to be safely confirmed. With this technology, tenants can rest assured that they have adequate defense against unwanted visitors.  



3: Secure your deliveries  

It is easier than ever to receive orders directly to your door – whether it be takeout, online shopping packages, or grocery deliveries. While we all love the convenience of placing a pizza order with the click of a button, and seeing it arrive on our doorstep 30 minutes later, safety measures that restrict entrance from outside visitors can sometimes complicate these matters. With a mobile app, tenants can safely get their orders into the building’s interior even if they are not home during the delivery. This keeps packages safe from theft, bad weather, and missed delivery windows. 



4: Easy installation and updates as tenants move out 

Mobile apps are convenient for tenants, property managers and integrators alike. The installation process for mobile apps is more efficient than installing an individual door panel in each unit, especially in older buildings where installation may be more complicated. For property managers this means a quick and secure turnover as one tenant moves out and a new one moves in, it’s as simple as just changing the phone number and name in the system.  

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