Five ways to make the most of your intercom

The security industry has steadily moved away from single, siloed security devices over the past few years. While a standalone system that did not talk to other devices were once okay, it is no longer acceptable. Business and facility owners look to provide the best protection possible and need to be able to add security enhancements as needs change. 


As this trend has evolved, so have the capabilities of intercoms. Intercoms now can communicate with or through many common devices and platforms, including, IP video, enterprise access control systems, and mobile apps. Here are five ways to make the most of your intercom. 


Extend communication capabilities with SIP 

Intercom are more than just a one-way communication tool between related intercoms. With SIP, intercom stations can become part of a phone system environment, calling existing IP Phone and soft clients for communication, video calls, and even door control. With this simple integration, extending the reach of the physical security system can be done without purchasing additional hardware. 


Stream and record video to a VMS platform  

Video intercoms can add a valuable layer to a security ecosystem by providing visibility, distance, and control to a user. With video streaming and recording to VMS platforms, security personnel and security operation centers are provided multiple views and angles of interactions between a visitor, giving them the ability to create comprehensive audit trails across multiple security scenarios.  


Add another layer of security by incorporating an access control reader 

If multi-factor authentication capabilities with an intercom system are needed, consider integrating an access control reader. When paired together, facility owners can enhance their security by requiring visitors or employees to go through a multi-step process to gain entrance. For example, an employee may be required to first touch base with a receptionist through the intercom, then must badge-in using an access control credential.  


Integrate with access control to enable event logging capabilities 

Providing an audit trail of what transpired is just as important as having a security system in place to manage the flow of visitors. Intercom systems, when paired with an enterprise access control system, can provide visibility and valuable information that might help a business understand the flow of visitors . For example, an audit trail might be used to recognize patterns of high traffic times for a certain entranceway or help to identify fraudulent activities. It can also prove particularly helpful should a legal issue arise. 


Leverage a mobile app to enhance communication 

With a mobile app, multi-tenant facilities can give their tenants access to the intercom from virtually any location, whether the tenant is in the laundry room of the apartment complex or out running errands. For example, if a tenant is running late but has a friend coming to visit, with a mobile app, a tenant can easily be contacted when the friend arrives and communicate with their guest.  For the office environment, a mobile app ensures that the security desk attendant can screen visitors from any location, whether the attendant is at the desk or on a security round.  


By taking advantage of these capabilities those working to protect their facility, whether it’s a business, school, or apartment complex, can fully leverage the benefits of their intercom solution.  

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