NIM Series

The NIM Series is a Lamp Memory Intercom supporting a single master station and up to forty sub stations. Calls to the sub stations can be placed selectively or via All Call from the master station. Calls from a sub station will sound at the master and activate a light, displaying the location of the call.
System Capacity
Sub Stations
Nurse Call
  • Master station in 20 and 40-station sizes
  • Built-in All Call, Selective Call, and Group Call
  • Push-to-talk at master or use handset
  • Group Call up to 5 subs at a time
  • Incoming calls remain lit until answered (max. 10)
  • Separate transmit and receive volume controls
  • Adjustable ring tone (melody or chime)
  • Automatic ringtone volume level (increases after 90 seconds)
  • Optional software for call event logging (NI-SOFT)


Power Source

48V DC - use IS-PU-UL


Handset (VOX) or push-to-talk (simplex)

Wire Type

Door Station, Sub Station, Ceiling Speaker, or Wall Jack to Master Station: 3-cond. overall shield - use Aiphone #821803
Call Button or Corridor Lamp to Sub Station: 2-cond. overall shield - use Aiphone #821802
NIR-MB to Ceiling Speaker: 4-cond. overall shield - use two runs of #821802


Door Station or Sub Station to Master Station: 650'(18AWG)
Power Supply to Master Station: 33'(18AWG)


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