JF Series Entry-Level Video Intercom with Room-to-Room Communication


Affordable Video Intercom

Reliable security, simple functionality, and sophisticated design; you get it all with this affordable video intercom. See, hear and speak to visitors before allowing them inside. The JF Series supports 2 video door stations and 3 interior master stations. With built-in picture memory, the system can automatically record visitor calls or can be activated manually. Installation is quick and easy using just 2 wires.

Freakishly Reliable

Aiphone is proud to be a rare, two-time winner of the prestigious Deming Prize for quality management and manufacturing processes. Our ISO Certified process and rigorous standards result in some of the most reliable products in the industry. Aiphone products routinely last for years, only being replaced when the application outgrows the system capacity.
System Highlights
System Capacity
Door Stations
Master Stations
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Entry Security
Internal Communications
Picture Memory
  • Hands-free (VOX) or push-to-talk (PTT) communication
  • TFT LCD monitor
  • Supports up to 2 video door stations and 3 interior master stations
  • Capable of single or selective door release (RY-18L for single door release, RY-3DL for selective door release)
  • Pre-records up to two entrance messages to play at the door station
  • Internal picture memory (records up to 50 calls)
  • Video output for DVR via supplied cable


Power Source

18V DC – use PS-1820UL


Chime with image, approx. 45 seconds


Hands-free (VOX) or push-to-talk (PTT)

Video Display

3-1/2" direct-view TFT color LCD

Max. Illumination

5 lux at 1'

Door Release

N/O dry contact, 24V AC/DC, 500mA

Wire Type

Door Station to Master Station: 2-cond., mid cap, solid, non-shielded – use Aiphone #871802


Door Station to Master Station: 165'(22AWG), 330'(18AWG)
Master Station to farthest Sub Master Station: 165'(22AWG), 330'(18AWG)
Power Supply to Sub Master Station: 16'(22AWG), 33'(18AWG)

Communication Type
Station Type
Component Feature


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