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Two-Way Video and T-Coil Technologies


Whether your security demands include enterprise-level systems, such as multi-tenant, corporate, school, and government facilities, or smaller applications, like assisted-living, retail, or residential buildings–two-way video and t-coil technologies will ensure that everyone can be seen and be heard.

Better Accessibility in a Single Intercom System

Traditional intercom technologies have always been a reliable method of communication between point A and point B. Unfortunately, these technologies have fallen short for the deaf and hard of hearing communities, making accessibility a challenge.

Accessibility for All

The Fair Housing Act states that facilities must provide an equally effective alternative to the standard IP video intercom for the deaf and the hard of hearing, such as two-way video and t-coil interface. The Americans with Disabilities Act protects those with disabilities from discrimination and upholds accessibility regulations that must be met by law.

Leveraging Technology for Everyone

With the integration of two-way video and t-coil technology in IP video intercoms, we can ensure more effective communication while meeting ADA regulations. Deaf personnel and visitors can see each other; two-way video allows sign language to be seen between the entrance station and the guard station. For those who wear compatible hearing aids, t-coil technology enables crisp, clear audio during the call.

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