Solution Showcase: Adding Security and Communication to a Marijuana Dispensary

As a cash-only operation, this marijuana dispensary attracted criminals who robbed them multiple times. Employees no longer felt safe at work, prompting an investment in an access control and communication system.


There was a main entrance for customers and employees to access the dispensary. Within the dispensary there was retail space, a processing room, and a security office. Owners wanted to lock the main entrance and require customers to show ID before granting anyone permission into the retail space.


They wanted the same system to allow easy access for staff at the main entrance. With card readers and credentials, they modernized and upgraded to make it easier to allow staff entry, and easier to remove credentials when staff left their employment. 



A premium access control system with IP video intercom integration was selected. They locked the main entrance during business hours. A video door station with a built-in proximity reader allowed staff to verify IDs before letting customers into the retail space.


Through the recording capability of the intercom, footage of anyone who entered the dispensary was captured. Upgrading to use credential cards and readers allowed staff to easily access the dispensary, as well as the processing room and security office inside. 


Read the full Solution Showcase here.

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