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GT Series Versatile Multi-Tenant Security Intercom


Multi-tenant Video Entry

Tenants or guards can quickly and easily identify visitors before granting them entry into their building. With a variety of sleek and modern entry, tenant and guard stations, it’s easy to meet the security needs of the building and the budget. When tenants change, property managers can make directory updates directly to the system using NFC technology or logging in remotely using a VPN.

Freakishly Reliable

Aiphone is proud to be a rare, two-time winner of the prestigious Deming Prize for quality management and manufacturing processes. Our ISO Certified process and rigorous standards result in some of the most reliable products in the industry. Aiphone products routinely last for years, only being replaced when the application outgrows the system capacity.

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Remote Programmable
Entry Security
Selective Door Release
  • A standard system can have up to 5 entrance stations, 2 video guard stations, and 48 tenant stations
  • An expanded system can have up to 16 entrance stations, 4 video guard stations, and 500 tenant stations
  • An enterprise-level system can have up to 480 entrance stations, 96 video guard stations, and 5,000 tenant stations
  • Multiple sites can connect across different buildings over the same network, centralizing security for large campuses and multi-building communities
  • Software-based programming allows for quick and easy system maintenance
  • Prompt, hassle-free tenant directory updates can be performed onsite with an NFC-equipped device or remotely over the same network
  • Both audio and video stations can be intermixed to meet the needs of most applications
  • Entrance stations have a digital directory or individual buttons to call tenants
  • Video guard stations can receive and forward calls to tenants, screening visitors for an added layer of security
  • Modular entrance stations can be customized with various options and configurations
  • Video entrance stations capture 170° viewing area with the built-in PTZ camera


Power Source

24V DC – use specified number of PS-2420ULs per system configuration

Network Protocols

IPv4, IPv6, TCP, UDP, IGMP, MLD, DHCP, NTP, DNS (protocols are for systems using GT-MCX network adaptor)


Hands-free from entrance station to tenant station

Capacity (Single Building)

Max. 16 entrance stations per system
Max. 4 video guard stations per system
Max. 500 tenant stations per system
Max. 4 tenant stations per unit

Capacity (Multi Building)

Max. 480 entrance stations per system
Max. 96 video guard stations per system
Max. 5,000 tenant stations per system

IP Rating

IP54 (DMB)

IK Rating

IK07 (DMB)


Zinc die cast (modular entrance stations)
14 gauge stainless steel (GT-DMB-N)


Surface or flush mount using appropriate back box

Wire Type

Two sets of 2-cond., PE insulation (two common buses for audio and video)
Aiphone #872002, 2-cond., PE insulated, non-shielded, 11.05 pf/ft (audio)
Aiphone #871802, 2-cond., PE insulated, non-shielded, 11.05 pf/ft (video)


GT-BC to farthest entrance station: 980'
GT-BC to farthest tenant station (audio): 980'
GT-VBC to farthest entrance station: 980'
GT-VBC to farthest tenant station (video): 500'

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