IX Series Error: “Only one usage of each socket address is permitted”

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A pop-up message stating the Station Search has failed occurs when a program on the PC is already using UDP Port 8700. This is mostly caused by a service called Conmon_cmm_service.exe which belongs to a program called “Dante Control and Monitoring”.  If there is another program using this port the following steps will need to be taken to identify and stop the process.



  1. Open Windows Powershell.
  2. Type netstat -ano > netstat.txt
  3. Type get-process > process.txt
  4. Navigate to C:\Users\%username% to retrieve the two files.
  5. Open the netstat.txt in a text editor and search for which process is using port UPD 8700 and record the PID (process ID).
  6. Open the process.txt file and search for the PID found in the previous step.
  7. In Windows Powershell type stop-process {PID}.
Where {PID} is the process ID. Ex. Stop-process 6745
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