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The IX Series is a peer-to-peer network video intercom system, allowing unlimited expansion. The IX Series door stations can call up to 20 different master stations, sub stations, or other door stations. The master stations have a calling address book of 500 stations, but can receive calls from an unlimited number of stations, including stations not in their address book.


Master Stations

The address book of an IX Series master station can contain up to 500 stations and can place a call to any station listed in the address book. Up to 500 incoming/outgoing call records can be saved. New records will be saved over the oldest records if the number of records exceeds 500. Monitoring is not logged in the call history.

The IX-MV7 can call a station listed in its call log even if that station does not reside in the address book.


Door Stations

An IX Series door station can call up to 20 IX Series stations in a single group when its call button is pressed. Door stations also have contact inputs that can be used to call up to 20 IX Series stations. The call button and contact input can call the same or different stations depending on programming.

Do not register the same station more than once.