Intercoms and Centralized
Visitor Management

As owners and managers look for ways to safely return employees to work, they are also needing to optimize their visitor management processes. While intercoms generally fall into the access solution category, advances in video intercom systems have expanded this solution to accommodate a range of security and access options. 


Access management should allow for just the right amount of security needed at the time without being complicated. It should get the job done, but not add unnecessary complications. 


Accessible and Adaptable for All Users 


Consider who interacts with your access control system. You have visitors delivering packages or meeting tenants, on-site employees, property and business owners, and others. Each person uses the system for different purposes and has different expectations of how the system should operate.  


This is where a modern video intercom system can step in and provide a seamless experience for all. A centralized visitor management system provides extensive and enhanced monitoring from any location. Remote monitoring is nothing new, but with many buildings today operating at much lower capacities, a centralized access management system is even more important. 


In an office setting where a small, and likely dispersed, group of employees are working, the job of monitoring visitors may fall on a smaller security team. It could even be a task handed off to whoever happens to be in the office at the time. This requires a simple and configurable access solution. Video intercoms can help alleviate the demand on those who work in the building, yet still need to actively manage and monitor visitors (perhaps on top of their ‘regular’ job). 


With many people working at home or in the office only part time, eliminating excess in-person interactions between staff and visitors keeps people safer. For example, package and mail deliveries can be coordinated from a remote, central location for a business that might manage several properties.   


Centrally Manage Multiple Access Policies 


If you operate a business with multiple offices staged around the country, a dispersed intercom system can be wellmanagefrom one central, remote station. This flexibility not only offers a streamlined way to monitor your facilities, but also saves you time and resources over the lifetime oyour investment. 


A centralized video intercom access control solution can be expanded across large academic and healthcare campuses. Remote monitoring can easily support many building types (gyms, dining areas, laboratories, clinics, parking areas), each with their own access policy requirements to maintain health and safety requirements. 


Consider All Facets When Evaluating Security Needs  


Including local and remote video intercoms into your overall access management policy provides a range of benefits beyond basic access. Next time you review your security protocols, consider how procedures and policies could be adapted for a wide range of usersWhat works well at one location might be quite cumbersome at another; and a system that is difficult to use opens itself up to potential security breaches. Now is the time to take advantage of the familiarity of video intercoms as part of your integrated security needs. 

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