Dynamic Security Solutions for Campuses and Commercial Properties

Dynamic Security Solutions for Campuses and Commercial Properties

Sophisticated Systems

Commercial buildings range from single high-rises to multi-building complexes.


Securing these locations requires sophisticated systems that enable swift communications, broad visibility, and the ability to expertly manage access.


Watch these videos to learn more about how our systems were built to secure commercial properties.

Dynamic Security Solutions

Flexible and Powerful Solutions

See how Aiphone provides flexible and powerful solutions for campuses and commercial properties.

Access Control

Control building access with confidence. With an IP intercom system, you can manage access and monitor activity in a single building or multiple buildings across a networked campus. Door stations allow clear identification of visitors and master stations provide on-screen visuals and audio. Once identification is verified, staff can safely unlock the entrance.

Aiphone Master Station

Mobile App

Our convenient mobile app offers a portable way to see and speak with visitors requesting access, no matter your physical location.

Aiphone Mobile App

Communication Across Any Campus

Strategically located emergency towers and call stations contribute to having comprehensive security throughout an entire campus. In the event of an emergency, visitors can call for help with the quick push of a button.


See how our emergency towers provide campus wide assistance.

Emergency Assistance

Design Your Security Operations Center

With numerous ways our systems can integrate, you can create a powerful security operations center (SOC). Including PC master station software, integrated systems are all managed on a single platform.

Commercial SOC

Flexible, Powerful, and Trustworthy

We offer solutions for commercial properties that are flexible and powerful enough to meet practically any security communication need.


With outstanding product reliability, durability, and performance—all backed by support from our award-winning teams—we are your trusted security experts.

Flexible & Trustworthy

Solution Showcases

Securing a Shopping Mall Garage
Securing a Parking Lot at an Amusement Park

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