‘Tis the Season

The holiday shopping season is nearing full swing. As shoppers pour through the front doors, retail merchandise is arriving at a frenzied pace around back.

Image of package handler or delivery person.
Don’t get bogged down accepting extra deliveries during the holidays.

Keeping up with goods arriving at the delivery bay takes time — one thing in short supply this time of year. 


Let Aiphone help staff members handle those extra deliveries with minimal interruption to other tasks. Our IX Series video intercoms let you keep delivery bays locked (a good idea any time of year) while ensuring delivery personnel can do their jobs quickly. 


Drivers press the “call” button on the door station to alert your office staff. That begins clear video and two-way audio to an IX Series office master station which can remotely unlock the door. You can Integrate an ONVIF® IP camera with the door station’s embedded camera to watch on the master station as the driver completes the delivery and leaves. Then ensure the door is locked, all without leaving the desk.  


The holiday season also means more workers, often lots of them. Be sure to use an IX Series intercom on your dedicated employee entry to unlock the door for temporary personnel who’ve forgotten their access control cards or PINs. 


Look to Aiphone audio intercoms for linking checkout stands, the storeroom, office, and other areas. 


Learn about more Aiphone intercom solutions that retailers can use today, and throughout the year. View our video or request a demo today.