Listed below are the most frequently asked questions for the LEM Series. If you are unable to find the information you are looking for please contact our Technical Support team.



How many stations can the lem series support?
Each system must include at least a single master station, and depending on the master may have up to a total of 3 door/sub stations.

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Is the LEM Series compatible with other aiphone intercoms?
LEM Series master stations are compatible with any of the LE or LS series door or sub stations. Additional LEM master stations may be used in a multi-master system in some limited applications with additional equipment and separate power supplies. No other Aiphone master stations will work with the LEM master stations.

For multi-master installation information click here.

What type of wire is used with the LEM Series?
The recommended wire for the LEM Series is Aiphone’s stranded 2-conductor with an overall shield, part numbers 822202 or 821802. Use the proper gauge based on the maximum wiring distance for your system.

LEM Series wiring distances.
From the door/sub station to the furthest master station, the maximum wiring distance is 650′ with 22AWG wire and 1570’ with 18AWG wire.

No call tone during an incoming call.
The call tone is generated when the call button on a door/sub station is pressed, causing the “1” and “-” (negative) terminal to be momentarily shorted together.

First, ensure that the OFF button is pressed at the master station. There is no visual indication if it is pressed or not. “Off” is the standby position when not using the intercom.

Then, Ensure that you have a jumper in place between “E” and “-” on the door/sub station. The wire from that position on the door/sub station is to be connected to the “E” terminal on the master station.

Manually shorting the “1” and “E” terminals at the master will also generate a tone. This can be done to verify the hardware is not damaged. If you get a call tone here but not when you press the door/sub’s call button, then short the wires at the door/sub. If you get a call tone by shorting the wires, but not when pushing the call button, then it’s possible the door station has been power surged.

I am getting a buzz on my LEM system while listening to the door/sub station.
When installing the LEM-1 or LEM-3 with the SKK-620C, it is important that the small black ground wire coming out of the power supply be connected to an earth ground. If it is not grounded, there will be a buzz at the master station. (Please note that the following wiring diagram is shown in the SKK-620C instructions, but not the LEM instructions, where the generic “SKK-620” is shown with no ground wire.) When using this new model, the ground wire must be connected to an electrical or earth ground.

All wire runs should be at least 20 inches from any AC source, and always cross at a 90 degree angle.

What power supply do I need for my door strike or magnetic lock?
For that information you need to call the manufacturer of the door strike or magnetic lock. Aiphone cannot answer that question and cannot provide you with an acceptable alternative.