JO Series with Mobile App FAQ

Listed below are the most frequently asked questions for the JO Series with Mobile App. If you are unable to find the information you are looking for please contact our Technical Support team.



How many stations can the JO Series support?
In addition to the JO-1MDW, the JO Series supports a maximum of one door station and one expansion sub master. Note that there is no equipment, modification, or work-around that will allow the device to support more than these quantities.To view a list of all JO Series stations, click here.

Is the JO Series compatible with other Aiphone intercoms?
The JO Series stations are not compatible with other intercom stations from Aiphone. All compatible door and sub master stations must contain the prefix of “JO”, ex. JO-DV.

What type of wire is used with the JO Series?
The recommended wire for the JO Series is Aiphone’s solid, non-shielded two and four-conductor wires, part numbers 871802 and 871804 respectively.Click here to view the JO Series installation manual.

JO Series Wiring Distances.
From the door station to the master station, the maximum wiring distance is 330′ (100m). From the master station to the expansion station, the maximum wiring distance is 330′ (100m).Note: The JO Series does not offer a distance booster between the door station and the master station, or between the master station and the video expansion station. Note that increasing the gauge of the wire will not extend these distances.

What are the network requirements of the JO-1MDW?
The network requirement summary for the JO Series can be found here.

Audio but no video when receiving a call on the mobile app.
  • The internet connection being used by the master station may have a low upload speed. Change the Video Quality setting on the master monitor station.

    To change the Video Quality Setting:

    1. From the MENU screen, tap [ ⚙ ] -> [Other Settings] -> [Video Quality].
    2. Select [Low] using [-] or [+] button.
    3. Tap [✓] to apply changes.
  • If more than one wireless LAN router is configured or the signal is weak, it may not be able to connect properly.
    Confirm that the connection between wireless LAN router and master monitor station is stable.
  • Do not use the master monitor station near a device that uses the 2.4GHz frequency band, such as a microwave oven. It may cause loss of connection .
  • Update the firmware of the wireless LAN router and mobile device to the latest version.

The connection between the master station and the wireless network is unstable.
The strength of the signal may become weak when the distance between the master station and the Wi-Fi router is too great.
Place the master station closer, or change the Antenna Setting in the settings of the master station.

To change the Antenna Setting:

  1. From the MENU screen, tap [ ⚙ ] -> [Other Settings] -> [Network] -> [Network Advanced Settings] -> [Antenna Selection].
  2. Change the antenna selection.
  3. Tap [✓] to apply changes.

Mobile APP cannot receive a call and is displayed on the master station.
If the set time on the master monitor station differs from the set time on the mobile device, the app may not work correctly.

To change the Current Time setting:

  1. From the MENU screen, tap [ ⚙ ] -> [Date/Time] -> [Current Time]
  2. Change the current time.
  3. Tap [✓] to apply changes.

Sometimes the mobile APP does not receive calls from the door station. (only on Android devices)
Set “Keep Wi-Fi on during sleep” to “Always” in Advanced Wi-Fi settings on the mobile device.
Refer to the instruction manual of the mobile device for addtional details.

Mobile APP not receiving calls from the door station.
  • Confirm that your Wi-Fi router is in Access Point mode* (Bridge mode).
    *The name varies depending on the manufacturer.
  • Internet provider may set the security level high.
    Contact your internet provider.
  • Restart ADSL modem, CTU, ONU, or VDSL device, then turn on the wireless LAN router.
  • Check the internet connection using another device. If that device cannot connect to the internet, contact your internet provider.

Registration screen is displayed when starting up the mobile APP.
Retry the registration.
Register following the instructions on the screen, or refer to the “INTERCOM APP Type B OPERATION MANUAL”.

When the battery of the mobile device is low, the connection with the wireless network may be lost. (only on the Android devices)
When battery saver is turned on in the settings of the mobile device, the connection with the wireless network may lose connection when the battery is low.
Refer to the instruction manual of the mobile device for details on battery saver settings.

Mobile APP cannot register to the master station, even when the mobile device is connected to the wireless network.
  • Mobile device may not be connected to the wireless LAN router.
  • Confirm that the master station and mobile device are both connected to the same wireless network, then retry registration.
  • Multicast may be disabled on the Wi-Fi router. Check the settings of the router.

Monitoring ends automatically on the mobile device.
After about 60 seconds, the monitoring function automatically ends. This is a standard function and cannot be changed.

How can we delete the mobile APP setting information from the master station?
How to delete the App information:

  1. From the MENU screen, tap [ ⚙ ] -> [Other Settings] -> [Resister / Delete Apps] -> [Delete Apps].
  2. Select the App to be deleted, and confirm the deletion.