Listed below are the most frequently asked questions for the IXG Series. If you are unable to find the information you are looking for please contact our Technical Support team.

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How many stations can the IXG Series Support?
The IXG Series can support up to 9,999 stations, including gateways and lift control adaptors.

How many IXG-2C7 tenant stations can you have per residential unit?
Each Residential Unit can have up to 8 IXG-2C7 tenant stations.

How many mobile apps can you have per residential and commercial unit?
Up to 8 mobile apps can be assigned to each Residential and Commercial Unit.

Can you unlock the doors remotely with the IXG mobile app?
Yes, the IXG Mobile App can be used to release the door.

What type of wire is used with the IXG Series?
The IXG Series utilizes Cat6/Cat5e cable from the stations to a network switch.

How are the IXG Series stations powered?
The IXG Series stations are Power-over-Ethernet (IEEE 802.3af Class 0).

“Failed” status when attempting to upload the setting file using Support Tool.
Ensure that the programming PC is set to the same subnet that your stations have been associated to, and disable any alternate LAN, wireless, or VPN connections your PC may have. If a station has recently been associated, or the date and date have been set, it is possible that station is still in its boot up process. Check for a solid status LED light, or an “available” status on each station before attempting an upload.

Why aren’t stations showing up in station search?
If any stations are missing from the “Station List” under “Association Settings”, the broadcast used to find stations may be unable to reach them, which is common with managed networks. We recommend placing each station on the same an unmanaged PoE switch as the programming PC. This will allow the station search broadcast to easily find your stations while having the ability to redeploy the once programming is complete.
During the station search and program file upload steps, it may be required to disable any alternate network connections, including Wi-Fi and VPNs, for both processes to complete properly.

Cannot Upload or Sync the IXGW-GW Gateway Adaptor
Refer to the status lights on the device to indicate the state it is in.Solid Green: Standby
Orange: IXG Cloud Server Authentication Error (Review settings and configuration)
Flashing Orange: Booting up / Communication Error (Cannot connect to internet or possibly the cloud server) / Initializing / Updating FirmwareIt is possible a power cycle of the device will help it complete the process it is stuck in, and will begin to function correctly. If the status lights continue to flash after a reboot, it is possible it is unable to find an internet connection, at which point the network settings of the device should be reviewed. Most likely, the Default Gateway or DNS information is incomplete or incorrect.

Can I use SIP with an IXG system?
No. This is an IX Series 2 exclusive feature.

Can I use an IXW-MA within an IXG System?
No. This is an IX Series 2 exclusive product.

Can the IXGW-GW be used to bridge two buildings together for communication, or for remote programming?
No, the IXGW-GW is only for mobile app communication, and not for any kind of cloud-based connection between sites or remote programming.