Listed below are the most frequently asked questions for the AX Series. If you are unable to find the information you are looking for please contact our Technical Support team.



How many stations can the AX Series support?
The AX Series supports 8 master stations and 120 door/sub stations, requiring at least one of either the AX-084C or the AX-248C Central Exchange Unit, and an additional AX-320C Add-on Exchange Unit for every 32 door/sub stations.To view a list of all AX Series stations, click here.

Is the AX Series compatible with other Aiphone intercoms?
Only AX Series master stations and video door stations with the “AX” prefix may be used with the AX Series. However, AX Series is unique in that it utilizes audio only door/sub stations from the IE Series.Note that there are no exceptions to this specific compatibility. LE and IS Series stations may not be used with the AX Series.

Door release has stopped working on an existing system.
For the affected door station/door release, remove the door release wires from the Central Exchange Unit (CEU) contact output and short the wires together manually. (For example, Door Input 1 corresponds with the door release contact outputs L1/L1). If the door does not release, the issue may lie with the lock, its power source, or the wiring.If the door does release, it may mean the relay output is damaged. Reseat the wires into the contact output securely and attempt door release again using the system, testing for an initially loose connection. If it is suspected that the contact output is damaged, contact the Aiphone Technical Support team.

What power supply do I need for my door strike or magnetic lock?
For that information you need to call the manufacturer of the door strike or magnetic lock. Aiphone cannot answer that question and cannot provide you with an acceptable alternative.

A New master station has been added to the central exchange unit, but it does not receive incoming calls.
By default, only the first master station port is enabled on the AX-084C/248C Central Exchange Unit (CEU). To enable additional master stations, complete the programming found in the AX QuikStart Guide.

Newly added video door/sub stations do not display video when calling in or while being monitored.
By default, every door/sub station input is enabled, but may be set to audio only. To enable video, refer to page 3 in the AX Series QuikStart Guide.It is also possible that the Cat-5e/6 cable pinout is not correct. See below for the proper pinout required for the AX Series.

  • Pair 1 (pins 4&5): High Impedance Video signal
  • Pair 2 (pins 1&2): Video power (orange +, o/w -)
  • Pair 3 (pins 3&6): Audio Hot
  • Pair 4 (pins 7&8): Audio Ground

Wiring an audio only ax series door/sub station using either cat-5e/6 or a 2-conductor wire.
Compatible audio only door stations use the paired wires on a Cat-5e/6 as shown below. A two-conductor wire can be run all the way back to the AX Central Exchange Unit (CEU) and attached to a short Cat-5e/6 cable at the location or the reverse from the CEU to the door/sub station.

Error: “An error has OCCURRED while uploading the setting file”.
The following are the most common reasons that this error occurs:

  • The cable to connect your computer to the Central Exchange Unit needs to be a “USB Type-A to Serial” cable. The serial connector also requires a gender changer. Note that the USB to serial cable provided with the system also includes the required gender changer.
  • Ensure the USB to Serial cable is displayed in the programming PC’s “Device Manager”. It should be found under “Ports (COM & LPT)”. Note that if the included Aiphone USB to Serial is being used, it will be named “Prolific USB to Serial Cable” here.If the cable shows up in Device Manager, ensure that the correct COM port is selected in the AX Setup Tool. See the AX Series QuikStart Guide for more detailed instructions on this process.
  • If the provided Aiphone USB to Serial cable is not shown in the Device Manager, install the drivers found here, reconnect the cable and relaunch the programming software.

AX Series wiring distances.
All station types can be up to 980′ from the Central Exchange Unit (CEU).Addtionally, for an AX door station, the AXW-AVT and AXW-AVR adaptors may be used with 3rd party adaptors to run over fiber. More information can be found here.

Using the Viking K-1900 for dialout.
In the programming softwaare, CO Transfer will need to be set to Enable. Reverse Polarity Detection may need to be to “on” depending on the phone connection.Wait Time for Ring Back Tone typically needs to be set for less that the default 10 seconds. However, this setting will depend on the phone connection and the configuration of the Viking K-1900. To find the right setting, try adjusting this value to 9 seconds, then 8, and son on, uploading between each change.

Once the setting changes have been made, go to “Tools > CEU >Upload” to update the Central Exchange Unit.

The Central Exchange Unit requires an analog phone connection (POTs) to place a call, and a digital line will not allow CO transfer to operate properly.

Note that this function is a transfer, and not a direct call. The transfer must be enabled on the master station by pressing the Transfer button first.