Federal Grant Monies Awarded for School Security

Many K-12 school campuses across the country will soon begin security upgrades largely paid by funding from a $75 million competitive federal grant program, the 2019 School Violence Prevention Program (SVPP). This is one of many federal, state and local grants available to schools each year.


While various program objectives may vary, many grants, including the SVPP, allow schools to purchase security equipment such as entry controls, communications technologies, surveillance cameras, metal detectors, and alarm systems.


This is an opportunity for dealers and integrators to help their school customers make product choices and then install and maintain systems. Dealers can also help campuses complete the detailed application process – and it’s not too early to start thinking about the 2020 SVPP and other programs.


Aiphone is a valuable resource with its free 31-page eBook, “Best Practices for Keeping Students Safe: A Guide to Campus Safety.” It takes a look at many of the considerations that go into developing a security plan with topics including:


  • Indoor and outdoor technologies
  • Open standards
  • Total cost of ownership
  • Policies and procedures
  • Project checklists


Download a copy of the digital eBook and share it with your K-12 (and higher-education) customers, both as an incentive and educational background before beginning a grant application or any security project. It’s available on the Aiphone website. And while there, check out the many Aiphone entry-control, communications, and emergency assistance solutions ideal for virtually any campus.