It’s National Campus Safety Awareness Month

It’s National Campus Safety Awareness Month


By Dana Pruiett


Fall marks back-to-school, so September is a great time to also mark National Campus Safety Awareness Month. It’s intended to remind us that school security requires every-day diligence by all campus stakeholders. Even a small lapse can lead to tragic results.


There’s no single solution for securing a campus. Today’s best practices call for layered approaches that include policies, training, and security equipment. Aiphone fits into that latter group. Since 1970, our intercoms have helped protect campuses across North America.


Through the years, we’ve learned one of the best ways to protect a campus is simple – lock the doors. Then keep them locked except for a few minutes each morning and afternoon as students arrive and leave. A locked door is a very effective barrier to criminals, from burglars to active shooters.


But a locked door keeps everyone out, including tardy students, parents, volunteers and others with a legitimate reason to enter a school building. That’s when video intercoms have proven to be valuable tools. They enable school staff to see and have two-way conversations with visitors before deciding to let them in.


But there are many other tools that enhance security. Surveillance cameras provide live and recorded video from outdoor areas and throughout building interiors. Keypads or card readers protect entries dedicated to faculty and staff members. Visitor management systems help spot sex offenders and other criminals before they get near children. Intrusion alarms deter burglars.


During emergencies, policies and procedures define roles for everyone on campus. Even proper landscaping, lighting and signage can deter criminals. Securing a school campus is a complicated business.


We’ve tried to make the process a little easier with our eBook, “Best Practices for Keeping Students Safe: A Guide to Campus Security.” We gathered insights from many experts to provide up-to-date information for anyone with an interest in school security.


We’re committed to doing our part to protect students. They deserve nothing less than our best. But let’s not let our guard down when this month ends. Let’s all keep our awareness of campus safety going throughout the year.


For more information on campus security, check out Aiphone’s eBook; Best Practices for Keeping Students Safe: A Guide to Campus Security available to download.