Aiphone’s Question of the Week:
November 2020

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Question of the Week: What role do emergency towers play in securing an outdoor campus?
Author: Mike Streeter, Business Development Representative


A: Emergency towers, along with our IX Series Peer-to-Peer IP Video Intercom, play many crucial roles on campuses, including educational, corporate, and municipal properties.


Having emergency towers are a visible deterrent that an app-based emergency response tool cannot provide. Students, employees, and visitors can see the towers from a distance and know they have a means to quickly and effectively call for help. Our highly visible blue modular towers are topped with a beacon/strobe light for added discernability. If different tower color is desired—or different lettering choices are preferred—we can special order any custom color and lettering options.


Notification/Broadcast Alerts 

With an integrated mass notification system, important messages can be broadcast throughout an entire campus, relaying announcements and critical information, such as events, weather alerts, or lock-down warnings.


Cameras See and Record All 

With optional high-resolution built-in cameras, along with third-party camera integration, everything can be recorded 24/7. When the emergency or call button is pressed, the responder can see who they are in communication with and obtain situational awareness. When not in use, the tower is still an invaluable part of the security system. It is like having a security sentinel standing watch. This helps prevent crime that otherwise may take place.


Ensure They are Working 24/7/365 

Our IX Series features time-saving Device Check, which performs vital checks to each component connected to the system. This ensures all emergency stationspush buttons, cameras, speakers, and microphones are workingand at all times. This also saves countless hours of physically testing each tower, which should be done to avoid unfortunate consequences in emergency situations. 

Safety, assistance, prevention, and notification. Emergency towers can be an important layer to any security portfolio. 



Author: Justin Crabtree, Senior Sales Representative 


Regional Sales Representative Justin Crabtree who handles Aiphone in North Texas, North Louisiana, Oklahoma and Arkansas

A: The role of emergency towers on a campus are to provide a fast and efficient way to respond to an emergency or a request for assistance at the time of need. It also allows campus security to monitor the grounds where the towers are located. Added video aids in providing situational awareness of the surrounding environment. Emergency or assistance towers provide a sense of security for staff, students, and visitors while in outdoor areas. Emergency towers are used to get help where it is needed with precise location details and minimal dispatch times to save and protect lives. 





Author: Sean Gaffey, Senior Sales Representative 


A: Having been involved in several emergency intercom applications, there are many key roles these can play in campus security. Blue light call boxes and towers stand out and serve as a deterrent while also giving students and employees a sense of security. These intercoms can also be used for the more common lowerpriority callslike car trouble, campus information if directions are needed, or general campus assistance. One of the major factors, of course, is in the case of a highpriority emergency, from active shooters, to campus assault, to reporting a crime. These calls can go to the security office or a 911 dispatch with location identification while giving the ability to broadcast information to the entire campus. Overall, the hope is to not have highpriority emergencies but just in case, it is important to have these campus security devices to best prepare and react.