The Freedom to Connect.

Safely and with Confidence.

The Freedom to Connect.

Safely and with Confidence.

Freedom to Connect

Prior to this modern pandemic, we did not always consider the risk around our common, day-to-day activities. This has completely changed with COVID-19.


Whether you are dropping the kiddo off at school, on your way to work, or going to a scheduled appointment, you come across high-touch surfaces countless times throughout your day.


We understand your concern. And we can help.


Keep your daily routines while safely mitigating the unavoidable exposure to germs in public places. With Aiphone solutions, you have the freedom to connect safely and with confidence.


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Solutions for
Contactless Communication

A touchless sensor for gesture-activated calling helps reduce the spread of germs at an entrance.

A video intercom system helps verify that visitors are in the right location and wearing any required PPE before allowing them into the building.

A hands-free intercom minimizes the need to touch buttons and handsets when communicating and paging throughout your facility.

A security ticket window intercom provides crisp audio communication and avoids muffled sounds caused by glass partitions.

A mobile app solution makes it easy and safe to speak with visitors wherever you are located.

A solution from Aiphone is another element of your PPE, helping you stay connected while keeping your distance.

Solutions for All Scenarios

From schools to high-rises, from hospitals to homes, Aiphone solutions help with social distancing.


Install intercoms anywhere security communication is required, and reducing the spread of germs is desired:

  • Entrances and service doors
  • Lobbies and reception desks
  • Elevators and stairwells
  • Parking lots and garages
  • Employee lounges and common areas

Commitment fears?

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