TD-H Series

The TD-H Series is a multi-channel selective-call handset intercom system. With five different sized handsets, the system can be configured to meet most selective calling application.
System Capacity
Master Stations
Selective Calling
  • 1, 3, 6, 12, and 24-call handset audio master stations available
  • Audio door stations can be added (1 or 2 doors)
  • Up to 23 master stations when 2 door stations are installed
  • Paging zone(s) with optional talkback
  • External signaling device when calling a handset (requires RY-AC/A)


Power Source

12V DC - use PS-1225UL


Handset (full-duplex)

Door Release

N/O dry contact, 30V AC/DC, 1A (at DE-UR)

Wire Type

Door Station to DE-UR: 2-cond.,overall shield - use Aiphone #822202
DE-UR to Master Station: 6-cond., overall shield - use Aiphone #822206
TD-1H/B: 6-cond., overall shield - use Aiphone #822206
TD-3H/B, TD-6H/B: 10-cond., overall shield - use Aiphone #822210
TD-12H/B, TD-24H/B: 16-cond., overall shield - use Aiphone #812216 (two runs of 812216 are required for full functionality of the TD-24H/B)


Door Station to Adaptor: 500'(22AWG) 1,200'(18AWG)
Between Master Stations: 2,000'(22AWG) 4,800'(18AWG)


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